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The Science and Art of Beautiful Movement ‿ welcome to Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems (JEMS).

Internationally recognised for excellence in movement and rehabilitation training, JEMS educates health, performance and rehabilitation professionals around the world to help their clients move for success in sports or the performing arts, to overcome injury and succeed in rehabilitation, and to simply enjoy the potential of their bodies.

JEMS concepts apply to an unusually wide spectrum of applications, and we are pleased and proud to have professionals trained through our courses working effectively and creatively in all fields of rehabilitation, child development, sports performance and the fitness industry.

Unlock your potential and that of your clients and patients by learning how to establish sound foundations for movement, utilise the nervous system for motor learning, progress with insight and structure, develop functional relevance and above all, stimulate beautiful, efficient and enjoyable movement.

Improve physical performance with clarity and simplicity.

Move beautifully with JEMS.

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